Welcome to www.tuftin.net, the domain choice of Tuftins everywhere. To have your own web-space with ftp-access at www.tuftin.net/~yourname, or yourname@tuftin.net as a webmail, pop-mail or forwarding address all you have to do is ask. Subdomains of the type yourname.tuftin.net can also be arranged, but can only be changed by the administrator.
The domain tuftin.net is registered with Go Daddy, and is currently hosted with webline-services. If you're a Tuftin, you can, through me, enjoy the services they offer.
To request an email account at tuftin.net send an email addressed to admin@tuftin.net, from the account you want messages forwarded to, or any backup-address you want if you desire web or popmail. You'll receive password and address to the configuration panel and you can expect the address to be active within 24 hours. (Give or take a week.)
If you want webspace, please send an email to admin@tuftin.net. You can expect an email with login information within 24 hours. (Or a week, whichever is longer.) If you want a personalized subdomain, please send an email to admin@tuftin.net with at least an index.html-file for the domain. You can expect the subdomain to be active within 24 hours.
Restrictions! This is not a commercial service. tuftin.net is my personal property, and I'm just allowing others to use it out of the kindness of my heart, and because it's cool! This means you have to trust me. For this reason, and because there aren't millions of Tuftin's out there, I don't expect a big rush of clients.
Privacy Your email addresses, subdomain and webpage address will not be shared with anyone without your permission. The forwarding addresses will not change without your permission. I give no guarantee for service availability, even if the host claims 99.9%, but if the hosting service is poor I'll be looking for a new one, and I'll try not to cause any outages myself. Nevertheless, do keep backups and give me at least one other way to contact you than the email-address at tuftin.net. (phone, fax, other email)
While you're considering this offer, or if you're not a Tuftin, why not take a look at my homepage or genealogy page?

All original material copyright © Bjørnar Tuftin